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Lights Up Your Eyes

Lights Up Your Eyes
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"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"
-Pablo Picasso

What is Fanart?
Fanart is any artwork drawn by fans of an anime/game/movie.

What Fanart Can Be Posted?
Any and everything. Anime, Movies; Lord of the Rings, Games, Final Fantasy.

::Guide Lines::
- Can be ANY fanart artwork as long as it's Not Rated R, No Hentais/Nudes/Porn posted on the main site.
- Art MUST be no more than 315px wide. If it is any wider it will mess with the size of the entry box. If it is going to be any wider, please use an LJ cut.
- If you're posting any Nudes/porn-like art MAKE an LJ cut. And give us a WARNING.
- If you're posting fan artwork that is not your own work please give credit to the artist.
- Yaoi/yuri/slash art is allowed, put it an LJ cut with a WARNING; This means boyxboy or girlxgirl
- No screen shots/wallpaper is allowed to be posted. Fanart ONLY.
- During Contests Please do not FLAME the artist, Flame is to write rude comments to make someone feel bad about themself. Be fair.

Any failure to follow these guidelines will result in REMOVEAL and/or DELETEING of the post.